Bauhaus Now! in Mass Memo Review

In review of Bauhaus Now! in Mass Memo, Celine Saoud writes: "Curated by Ann Stephen, Bauhaus Now! explores the movement's impact on the fine arts by displaying a wide range of installation, video, painting and sculpture that depict a modernised, ever-evolving and...

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REVIEW – Bauhaus Now!

In review of Bauhaus Now! in The Age, Ray Edgar writes: "Messy, hallucinogenic and phantasmagorical are not words we associate with the Bauhaus. However in a new exhibition to mark the movement’s centenary there are none of the sleek functional industrial design...

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Destiny Deacon: Artist Room, MCA Collection

Buxton Contemporary Collection artist Destiny Deacon is exhibiting at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney from 18 May to 1 December. This Artist Room presents a small selection of photographic works produced in the period leading up to Deacon's 2004 exhibition,...

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REVIEW – National Anthem

In a review of National Anthem in Art Almanac, John Buckley writes: "Loaded in ways the show’s title might not immediately suggest, ‘National Anthem’ is the cri de couer the Australian art world — and the nation at large — so desperately needs. The works on display...

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