New Futures TM is the third in a series of short films by Laresa Kosloff with the use of commercial stock footage to explore the sociopolitical conditions of late capitalism. This new film tells the story of a biohacking company that can medically upgrade personalities. Elite clients use the service to enhance their charisma and prosper within the commercial realm. Successful individuals are traded as financial stock, until a group of disgruntled hackers endeavor to disrupt the system.

Laresa was recently included in the Light source commissions as well and the exhibition This brittle Light at Buxton Contemporary, curated by Melissa Keys.

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Image: Installation view, This brittle light: Light Source commissions 2020-21, Buxton Contemporary, The University of Melbourne, 2021, with Laresa Kosloff, Radical Acts, 2021, courtesy of the artist and Sutton Gallery, Melbourne. Photography by Christian Capurro.