Buxton Contemporary collection artists Rob McHaffie, Rose Nolan and Tony Garifalakis, and This is a poem featured artist Lou Hubbard have kindly donated works for the Conners Conners fundraiser exhibition. Established in November 2019, Conners Conners aims to provide a platform for artists at all stages of their careers to have the freedom to explore, experiment and take risks within their practices. The inaugural Conners Conners fundraiser exhibition is raising funds to help continue this dynamic gallery space and program. The development of a completely volunteer-run program supports artists with a free exhibition space and promotion of their exhibitions and work.

The event, which includes work by 70 artists, is also an opportunity to highlight the fantastic local artists, volunteers and individuals involved in the Conners Conners community that’s been created over the past year and half.

The exhibition opens Thursday the 5th of August and will run until Saturday the 7th of August. Conners Conners is located at the Fitzroy Town Hall behind the central terrace on Napier Street.

Visit Conners Conners for more information.

Image: Rose Nolan, Flat flower work 2021 synthetic polymer paint on cardboard and found boxes 109 parts, installation dimensions variable, This is a poem, Buxton Contemporary, The University of Melbourne, 2021. Courtesy of the artist and Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne. Photographed by Christian Capurro.