Nicholas Mangan, On Celestial Bodies, Arter, Istanbul, 10 Sept 2020-25 July 2021

September 10, 2020

Buxton Contemporary collection artist Nicholas Mangan has been included in On Celestial Bodies at Arter, Istanbul. Mangan has been a part of the Light  Source commissions, 2020 – a new series of commissions for part of Buxton Contemporary’s expanded digital artistic program.

Drawn from the Arter Collection, the group exhibition titled On Celestial Bodies deals with questions around the possibility of reconceiving and reconstructing a vital terrain for living together in our present day. Including works by twenty-eight artists, the exhibition invites visitors to contemplate together the ways that beings come together and disperse, the manners through which they build relations and their ways of distancing and converging with each other.

Find more information here.

Image: Nicholas Mangan, A World Undone (still), 2012. High-definition colour uncompressed quicktime video, 12 min. Image © Nicholas Mangan. Image courtesy of the artist, Sutton Gallery, Melbourne and Labour, Mexico


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