Buxton Contemporary Collection artist Stephen Bram will open a new exhibition at Geelong Gallery on November 23.

Stephen Bram began exhibiting his work in the mid-1980s and has achieved a reputation as one of Australia’s most accomplished contemporary artists. He is critically acclaimed for highly refined paintings, large-scale wall drawings, and architectural environments that he has produced and exhibited in galleries around the world. Bram’s long engagement with abstraction takes, for him, a radical new direction in Geelong Gallery’s Australian premiere of a new series of mesmerising black and white paintings that extend the ways in which Bram tests illusion, representation, landscape, architecture, and the perception of viewers.

For more information about the exhibition visit the Geelong Gallery website.

Image: Stephen Bram, untitled 2016, synthetic polymer paint on canvas panel, courtesy of the artist and Anna Schwartz Gallery,
Photographer: Christian Capurro