Buxton Contemporary Collection artist Mike Parr presents The Eternal Opening at Carriageworks. This multilayered season of performance and installation includes The Eternal Opening, LEFT FIELD [for Robert Hunter], Towards an Amazonian Black Square, Jericho and BDH [Burning Down the House]. Rigorous and uncompromising, Parr’s practice probes the potential and critical position of art through social and geopolitical issues in Australia and abroad. He frequently uses his own body as the medium to connect channels of interrogation, enduring extreme physical and mental states in the process of making his work.

Mike Parr in The Eternal Opening 
Carriageworks, Sydney
25 October – 8 December
Free admission

Image: Mike Parr, Towards an Amazonian Black Square, 24 October 2019, Image Mark Pokorny, Curtesy of Carriageworks