Buxton Contemporary Collection artist Daniel von Sturmer presents Electric Light in partnership with Five Walls at Due West Arts Festival.

ELECTRIC LIGHT is a dynamic light projection illuminating the west facade of the iconic Footscray Market after dark. Each night of the Festival, Daniel von Sturmer’s vibrant animated work will project abstract ‘drawn’ geometric figures across the surface of the building, activating and engaging with its subtle architectural forms. During the day, the market acts as a centre of commerce and cultural exchange: conversation, noise, fragrance, colour and activity abound. In the evening, when the market is closed, the building falls quiet, inactive and mute.

Humour, surprise, curiosity and interaction are key components of ELECTRIC LIGHT, provoking a sense of wonder and play with passersby.

Electric Light by Daniel von Sturmer
Due West Arts Festival
15-24 November
Five Walls, Footscray

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Image: Animated light installation, 2017, Bus Projects, Melbourne. Curtesy of the artist.