Buxton Contemporary Collection artist Daniel Boyd is currently included in Kaldor Public Art Project 34: Asad Raza, Absorption at the Clothing Store, Carriageworks, Sydney.

Developed in consultation with biologists and environmental scientists, New York-based artist Asad Raza presents his first Australian work Absorption, which comprises an installation of organic elements that will mediate interactions within the space. Daniel Boyd is one of a number of Australian artists and scientists invited to develop interventions as part of the installation. Absorption will evolve over the duration of the exhibition with artists contributing installations, performances and experiments until 19 May, 2019.

To learn more about the Kaldor Public Art Project 34: Asad Raza, please visit the Carriageworks website.

Image: Kaldor Public Art 34: Asad Raza, Absoption, 2019. The Clothing Store, Carriageworks. Photo: Pedro Greig