Peter Tyndall

9 December 2022 – 16 April 2023

Celebrating 50-years of one of Australia’s most influential artists.

This is the first major retrospective exhibition of one of Australia’s most influential artists, Peter Tyndall. Maintaining a rigorous studio practice spanning 50 years, Tyndall‘s expansive works contemplate the fundamental questions about the construction of meaning. Tyndall interrogates how art, language, presence and absence operate in relation to one another in comprehending the world around us.

Reflecting on his unwavering commitment to this way of seeing the world, Tyndall created a unique set of symbols to describe his philosophical framework where he structured his entire artistic practice. The exhibition demonstrates Tyndall’s process from making art, innovation, and life-long dedication to insatiable productivity.

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Celebrating Tyndall’s remarkable career, this exhibition charts the development of his philosophical framework for seeing and viewing art – and ourselves – in relation to the world around us. In November 1974, Tyndall began to use a unique set of symbols to describe this relationship, including his iconic ideogram and repeating title. He continues to use these devices today, structuring his entire artistic practice around this insight.

Featuring over 200 works encompassing the entire museum, the exhibition includes paintings, drawings, correspondence art, and unseen works ranging back to the 1970s. The exhibition will draw from the University’s significant collection alongside artworks on loan from national institutions and private collections.

For Tyndall, making art is a collective endeavour and the interconnectedness of all things is at the core of his practice. Peter Tyndall reminds us that we are not alone, and the viewer is an active participant in the art-making process.

Curated by Samantha Comte, Senior Curator Art Museums, University of Melbourne, and Dr Simon Maidment.

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Wednesday – Sunday
11am – 5pm

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Exhibition Catalogue

A woman holds the Peter Tyndall publication. It's a simple white cover with his name and two vertical lines.

We are delighted to present Peter Tyndall, the artist’s first major monographic publication, published to coincide with the retrospective exhibition of the same name at Buxton Contemporary Art Museum in 2023.

This catalogue, like the exhibition, concludes with Tyndall’s most recent major work: a compilation of 113 paintings on unstretched primed canvas, from a group of 129 realised in 2018.


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Collections acknowledgments 

Anna and Morry Schwartz
Art Gallery of Ballarat
Geelong Gallery
Hassall Collection, Warrang, Sydney
La Trobe University Art Collection
Monash University Art Collection
Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
Peter Tyndall
Private Collection
Private Collection
Tom McCullough OAM

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Image credit: Artwork Peter Tyndall, courtesy Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne.