PERFORMANCE – Lisa Radford and Sam George, The Dugong Sublime (Hotel Sorrento)

11.45am 6 November
11.45am, 1.45pm 14 November
Evelyn Pohl, Yundi Wang, Lisa Radford, Sam George. Dugong Sublime (I dropped a lump of mozzarella into the fish tank), 2021, marker.

The Dugong Sublime (Hotel Sorrento) is polyphonic vocal performance that uses extracts from Hannie Rayson’s script for Hotel Sorrento (1989) as means for giving a part voice to artworks by Stuart Ringholt and Mutlu Cerkez held in the collection of  Buxton Contemporary. This performance has been developed by Sam George and Lisa Radford, with Evelyn Pohl and Yundi Wang.

“We sought to extract voices from the text that discuss Australia’s complicated relationship with art, cultural cringe and in particular women’s voices. The vocal performance accompanies our installed work The Dugong Sublime currently on display as part of the exhibition This is a poem curated by Melissa Keys.”

Performed by Freyja Black, Ivy Crago, Sophia Derkenne, Ludomyr Kemp-Mykyta and Iris Simpson

Performances will take place on

Saturday 6 November, 11.45 am
Sunday 14 November, 11.45 am
Sunday 14 November, 1:45 pm

This event is free and open to everyone.



SAM GEORGE & LISA RADFORD have been working together since 2008, using conversation and oral histories to produce works that refer to documentary processes, shared narratives and coded language. The nature of their collaboration means their performative work has, in the past, taken the form of beer coasters, a very large knotted-flag , a normal sized flag printed with an unreadable collection of emails, an award winning painting rejected by ANL but decoded by a visiting ex-navy general and videos of spliced and cut responses to abstracted de-contextualized questions spoken and mimed.