VCA Graduate Exhibition

4 - 15 December 2019
Jack Coventry,Victory over the Sun (detail)

For the duration of the 2019 VCA Graduate Exhibition we will be screening the following student films on the Buxton Big Screen:

Rachel Button, fishleg
Eliza Roberts, Headless Brim
Tina Stefanou, Horse Power
Pip Lennon, You were the closest i’ll get to a dog for a while 

Bethany O’Connor, Dolphin Tourism Interrupts Periods of Rest
Veronica Charmont, a single frame per second
Elliot Green, Wonderland In Alice
Hetty Munn, Create Instance
Holly Block, Slippage
Zev Tropp, Experiments In Acceptance 
Jay Paul Harrison, How Came I Here?
Thomas Woodman, The Water Disappears Eventually
Jack Coventry,Victory over the Sun 
Ariane Jaccarini, Chambers of the Hands (EXCERPT)
Steph Moro, Gist (Petri excerpt)
Eva Collins, Comeuppance
Omar Hassan, Shopping
Taylah Kelly, internet princess 
Giulia Kelly, Speaking in Webdings
Priya Namana, Vestiges of Nostalgia
Helen Grogan, STUDIO OBSERVATION ACTION / Proposition for the Buxton Contemporary Projection Screen, Dodds Street