{~~~} … , … ; x Fayen d’Evie and Benjamin Hancock

Saturday 13 November
Installation view, This is a poem, Buxton Contemporary, The University of Melbourne, 9 July– 14 November 2021, with (front to back) Emily Floyd, Temple of the female eunuch 2008; Fayen d'Evie & Benjamin Hancock, {~~~} ... , ... ; x 2021 (still), photography Christian Capurro

Artist Fayen d’Evie and choreographer and dancer Benjamin Hancock have developed a collaborative movement piece for This is a poem titled {~~~} ... , … ; x.

Selecting the following line from Germaine Greer’s influential feminist book, which is inscribed on one component of Emily Floyd’s 2008 work Temple of the female eunuch—‘A woman seeking alternative modes of life is no longer morally bound to pay her debt to nature’—Hancock will perform this text as an embodied typography: a sequence of fluid gestures that physically articulate each of the letters that comprise the citation.

Performed in drag, the piece embodies the shifts in gender expression that have transpired over time. Hancock’s costume echoes and re-imagines the curvaceous form that appeared on the iconic cover of the first paperback edition of The female eunuch, which also informed Floyd’s shapely sculpted timber figures.

Benjamin Hancock presents {~~~} … , … ; x, as a live performance poem in the Buxton Contemporary gallery on Saturday 13 November across three sessions.

3 – 3:20 pm (accompanying audio description by Jacqui Shelton).