Panel: Gender and Indonesian Contemporary Art

28 November 2018

Join artists Elia Nurvista, Nuraini Juliastuti and art historian Wulan Dirgantoro for a dialogue on gender and contemporary practice in Indonesian art. Introduced by Dr Danny Butt.

Areas of discussion will include how the Reformasi of 1998 has shaped the formats of women’s practices within contemporary art, in relation to other historical frameworks. We will open with representation in artists initiatives, the art management sector, and how women’s issues leak into the artworks. We will move beyond representation to talk about how everyday patriarchy structures the local art scene and lastly discuss the different strategies (practiced or imagined) used to make room for conceptualising women’s issues in contemporary Indonesian art.

Hosted by the Centre of Visual Art, VCA and Buxton Contemporary.

Image: Ghost in Sie Kee Gie Intersection (Natasha Gabriella Tontey, The Cautionary Tales, 2015)