Modernist Glare: Scratch Night Event

Friday 15 September, 5:30pm
 Join us for a thought-provoking scratch night, exploring modernist failure and its impact on love, life, and stories through architecture.


Featured in our current exhibition nightshifts, Callum Morton’s International Style, 1999, (pictured), parodies the social failures of the modernist project when a party inside the model house descends into chaos and violence. Using this work as a leaping-off point, this scratch night considers the legacies of International Modernism in design and architecture. Do the bright, stark spaces we continue to live with today eliminate the potential for privacy and respite from the public gaze, while disrupting our circadian rhythms? How has this enduring pursuit of aesthetic perfection changed the way we experience love, life – and the stories we tell?

This event is produced in collaboration with the University of Melbourne, Masters of Theatre (Writing, Dramaturgy and Directing), Faculty of Fine Art and Music


Event Details

Friday 15 September 2022



Buxton Contemporary is fully wheelchair accessible.