Insomnia Radio.FM broadcast

8–9 July 2023

Tune in with Insomnia Radio 

Over the span of two days, Radio Insomnia will take up residence at Buxton Contemporary, with a broadcast of sound works that traverse the themes of insomnia and night-time. Conceived by curator  Anabelle Lacroix and artist Nicolas Montgermont, the broadcast will be live from Montréal as part of the exhibition InSomnolence. Radio Insomnia explores the political and poetic aspects of wakefulness, and the reappropriation of nocturnal time in public spaces.

While visiting our current exhibition, nightshifts, feel free to drop in upstairs and listen to sounds and conversations on comfortable beanbags. Embark on a journey into the profound realms of wakefulness and the night.


Radio Insomnia is part of The Sociability of Sleep, an interdisciplinary research-creation project exploring the epistemologies and equities of sleep that runs from 2021–2023. We are interested in both the everyday and the exceptional experiences of sleep and its disturbances. In sleep, we all become radically vulnerable in a way that requires social forms of care: individuals are experts of their somatic experience, and yet access to the sleeping self relies on the perception of human and technological others.

Event Details

Saturday 8 – Sunday 9 July, 2023


FREE, no RSVP required.


Buxton Contemporary is fully wheelchair accessible.