Bauhaus Now!

Buxton Contemporary presents the exhibition Bauhaus Now! to mark the centenary of the Bauhaus, arguably the most important, and certainly the best-known, art and design school of the 20th century. Operative during the comple: and increasingly regressive political climate of inter-war Germany, the Bauhaus was both peripatetic and short-lived. Political pressure forced it to move twice, first from Weimar to Dessau and then to Berlin, before the Nazi Party closed it permanently almost immediately upon assuming power in 1933, just fourteen years after the school was founded. Most of its faculty left Germany in the years that followed (if they hadn’t already), resettling in locations including the United Kingdom, United States, Israel and Australia. Yet despite, or perhaps even because of, this compact cycle of enforced reinvention and dispersion, the Bauhaus has since exerted a remarkable sphere of influence.



Ryan Johsnton, Ann Stephen, Susan Best.


Bauhaus Now!
Buxton Contemporary University of Melbourne
26 July – 20 October 2019

Exhibition curated by Ann Stephen