The text and audio below was recorded with artist Peter Tyndall to accompany the exhibition.
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Maintaining a rigorous studio practice spanning 50 years, Tyndall‘s work contemplates fundamental questions about image, language and the construction of meaning. Celebrating Tyndall’s remarkable career, this exhibition charts the development of his philosophical framework for seeing and viewing art – and ourselves – in relation to the world around us. In November 1974, Tyndall began to use a unique set of symbols to describe this relationship, including his iconic ideogram and repeating title. He continues to use these devices today, structuring his entire artistic practice around this insight.   

For Tyndall, making art is a collective endeavour and the interconnectedness of all things is at the core of his practice. Peter Tyndall reminds us that we are not alone, and the viewer is an active participant in the art-making process. Reflecting on his unwavering commitment to this way of seeing the world, and the process of making art, the exhibition reveals the incredible breadth of innovation possible within the parameters Tyndall sets himself. Featuring more than 200 works, the exhibition presents significant paintings and drawings alongside correspondence art, protest banners and objects and ephemera from his experimental music group SLAVE GUITARS.